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World-class comfort and a smooth ride do
not have to replace performance, that’s
why the Elantra is powered by a 1.6 litre,
turbocharged engine with an output of 150
kWand an impressive torque of 265Nm*
The new Elantra comes standard with
state-of-the-art safety features. A rear
park assist system, 6 airbags and an
impressive impact-sensing door unlocking
system further enhances your driving

The advanced technology that you would
come to expect from a Hyundai has further
been improved in the new Elantra, which
comes standard with a new SatNav and
touchscreen infotainment system
completewith Bluetooth connectivity and
USB ports.

The Elantra’s spacious interior, leather
seatsand cruise control will not only
impress, butalso ensure the most leisurely
and luxuriousride for you and your
passengers. With more shoulder room,
additional legroom and cruisecontrol, the
Elantra is as well designed on theinside as
it is on the outside.

Sleeker Than Ever Before

The elegant design and fluidic shaping of the new Elantra, with aerodynamic lines and
a refined exterior. Its sophisticated design cues not only make it the best looking sedan
in the market, but also one of the most practical and functional models ever built.
Sharp grille Rear park assist Alloy rims
The Elantra’s sleek radiator grille with sharp, sophisticated details reinforce its fluid motion and refined design. The Elantra’s sophisticated rear park assist system uses integrated rear bumper sensors to detect objects that are out of direct sight. The distance between the bumper and the object is indicated using an audio tone and a warning will be given as soon as the car gets too close for comfort.  The two-tone finish of the silver and grey alloy rims creates a stylish and unique  look when the Elantra is in full motion. The Elantra 2.0 Elite AT and the Elantra Sport models come standard with 17'' alloy rims, whereas the 1.6 Executive is fitted with 16” alloy rims. 


The Elantra's sophisticated touchscreen infotainment system comes standard with
SatNavand full audio specs, including Bluetooth, USB ports and aux capabilities.
Its Bluetooth functionalitynot only lets drivers listen to music, but also allows them
to make telephone calls, safely, while driving.It's a system that’s a cut above the
rest in terms of technology and mobile device integration.
Power window controls Cup holders Connectivity Controls
The Elantra’s electric window controls
ensure convenience and safety with
auto-up and auto-down functionality
on thedriver's window. The driver's
side safety window feature ensures
that the window won't close on any
No more spills guaranteed,
with the Elantra's perfectly
designed cup holders.
With your drink firmly held
in place,your car’s interior
will be keptin perfect condition.
The Elantra is equipped with
standard auxilliary and USB
input jacks that allow passengers
to connect and listen to various
audio devices. The USB port can
also be used as a charging station
for certain mobile phones.
The Elantra’s sophisticated multi-function steering wheel allows the convenient control of its infotainment system, its cruise control function and allows safe hands-free telephony
object that might interfere while it’s closing.